The Male Body

Knowing the male reproductive system helps you understand the parts that may be affecting one’s fertility. Here are some parts of that will help you know how the reproductive system works.

Holds the testes, which is the organ that produces the sperm.
Maintains the temperature of the sperm to ensure healthy production.
Located behind the penis.


Coiled tube lying behind and beside the testes.
Helps the sperm to mature.
Moves sperm to the ductus deferens.

Vas Deferens

A long thick tube that runs from the …

The Female Body

Understanding how the body functions is particularly important since it has the ability to let you know when something is not right. Fertility is a key function to the body. Hence, understanding fertility in the female body will give you insight to what is happening when you try to conceive naturally.
Understanding Ovulation
A baby girl has about one to two million eggs in her ovaries which are called primary oocytes. At puberty, the number of eggs in her ovaries will decline to about 500,000. When the eggs fully develop, thin granulosa cells surround them. These cells are inside a follicle, which protects and nourishes the…

What Are the External Factors That Can Affect My Fertility?

Aside from internal factors, there are also external factors that can affect an individual’s fertility. They include:
Extreme consumption of alcohol is linked to reduced fertility. However, there is no proof that shows the exact amount of alcohol that can impact one’s reproductive function. According to one literature, at least four bottles per week can decrease the rate of success of IVF in females.
On the other hand, too much alcohol intake in men causes a decrease in sperm motility and count. Even some studies confirm that moderate drinking can have a negative effect on sperm.

Medical Conditions Causing Infertility

Unknown to many people, infertility is a disease that is caused by several medical conditions. There are underlying medical conditions that can also influence your ability to conceive. Below are the possible medical conditions that affect your reproductive ability:
More than 150 million women around the world have endometriosis. It is an abnormality where tissue can be seen all over the pelvis, impacting the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. These adhesions or scar tissue can hinder fertilization and even implantation.
Moreover, abnormal tissues surrounding the fallopian tubes places a woman under a…

Understanding Infertility

What are the facts relating to infertility? Well, if you are hesitant to see a reproductive endocrinologist for tests, having a general idea about the diagnostic process may help.
According to ICMART, infertility is a person’s inability to reproduce after a year of regular and unprotected sex. Several factors affect the fertility of a man and a woman, and one must consider seeking help from medical professionals.
Who is Affected by Infertility?
Infertility can affect both women and men, but women are more affected than men according to statistics. According to the American Society for…