Medical Conditions Causing Infertility

Unknown to many people, infertility is a disease that is caused by several medical conditions. There are underlying medical conditions that can also influence your ability to conceive. Below are the possible medical conditions that affect your reproductive ability:


More than 150 million women around the world have endometriosis. It is an abnormality where tissue can be seen all over the pelvis, impacting the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. These adhesions or scar tissue can hinder fertilization and even implantation.

Moreover, abnormal tissues surrounding the fallopian tubes places a woman under a higher risk of extrauterine pregnancy. Extrauterine pregnancy, which is commonly known as ectopic pregnancy, happens when a fertilized egg doesn’t settle itself in the uterus but gets trapped in the fallopian tube instead.

Male Factor

About 30% of cases of infertility are linked to issues with the male factor. Several men who are facing infertility do have emotional struggles. Some may suffer from emasculating feelings which can affect a couples’ ability to reproduce. The female partner needs to understand that her partner may be suffering from emotional pain.

Therefore, whatever the underlying condition may be, whether it be the male or female factor, partners must communicate and seek medical advice. If you sense that you have any of these medical conditions, consider getting advice from a urologist or a reproductive specialist.

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