What Are the External Factors That Can Affect My Fertility?

Aside from internal factors, there are also external factors that can affect an individual’s fertility. They include:


Extreme consumption of alcohol is linked to reduced fertility. However, there is no proof that shows the exact amount of alcohol that can impact one’s reproductive function. According to one literature, at least four bottles per week can decrease the rate of success of IVF in females.

On the other hand, too much alcohol intake in men causes a decrease in sperm motility and count. Even some studies confirm that moderate drinking can have a negative effect on sperm.


Too much caffeine may impact or delay the time for a person to conceive. Also, consumption of about 200 to 300 mg of caffeine per day may lower one’s chance of getting pregnant and increase the rate of having a miscarriage. For males, there is little evidence that shows that caffeine effects their fertility.

Cell Phones

Animal studies test the influence of RF-EMR, coming from mobile devices, on the reproductive system. Unfortunately, they have identified a negative effect on the ovaries and uterus. Also, sperm exposed to radiation get weaker and change in shape.

Lifestyle factors do affect fertility. So, always take things in moderation.

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