The Infertility Awareness Community volunteers are individuals who desire to help people who are also struggling with infertility. Our volunteers show their support by joining our support groups, taking part in our educational programs, and doing fundraising. We believe that time is the greatest gift that you can give and even receive from others.

You may be wrestling against infertility, but you have the strength to give others who are fighting against the same thing by letting them know that they have people on their side. We help our volunteers by supporting and training them to touch people’s lives, especially those who are facing infertility in Canada.

We will always need volunteers to realize our mission. It does not matter what your interests are because we will blend it with ours. Volunteering will also play a part in your healing because it will allow you to make people less lonely while fighting against infertility. You will meet like-minded people who have the same experiences and goals as yours.

Have the heart to make the community stronger in wrestling against infertility, and we will be here to guide you in every step you take in this journey.