The Infertility Awareness Community we commit ourselves to ensure that families challenged by infertility get support from the community, equip themselves with knowledge, and get inspiration to act.

The Infertility Awareness Community provides:

  • Guidance and care
  • Help and coverage
  • Support from the community
  • Free education
  • Awareness

The Infertility Awareness volunteers, staff, and board members will operate with:

  • Empathy and care
  • Integrity
  • Respect for decisions
  • Authority and credibility
  • Sensitivity
  • A goal for a positive outcome
  • A strong belief that people deserve to have family

The Infertility Awareness Community board members have come up with a plan for the upcoming year to support Canadians who want to build a family.

Our plan has three core foundations: Legislative Action, Meaningful Support, and Appropriate Education. We are continually working to make this come to fruition. So, do not forget to spread the news to those who are struggling with infertility. Help people by informing them!