Deciding About Your Surviving Embryos

There are several options that IVF patients can consider when deciding about their surviving embryos:

  • Storage. You can reserve your surviving embryos at a cryopreservation center or IVF clinic with a fee. This option will give you a chance to make future arrangements for the growth of your family. Just make sure that you clearly understand every detail of a storage agreement because some clinics only allow embryos to stay for a specific period.
  • Benevolent transfer. A benevolent transfer means that the medical team you work with will transfer your surviving embryos when the chances are low for you to conceive. Note that some clinics do this for free, but some still do. A patient who is going to undergo a benevolent transfer should seek support from a psychologist.
  • Disposal. If you and your partner have decided to stop medical interventions, then you can request the IVF clinic to discard the embryos. You will need to agree with many consent forms and documents to dispose of your embryos, and you won’t have to pay storage fees anymore.

Always plan before you make a choice and seek advice from a mental health specialist to help you weigh your options. Consider this as part of the process and journey to finding resolution.

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