The Dangers of Smoking and Vaping on Fertility

Dangers of Smoking and Vaping

Through decades of research and studies, the harmful effects of smoking have now been documented. According to top sellers, The use of tobacco can greatly affect the reproducibility of an individual. Chemicals found in cigarettes such as lead, arsenic, polyaromatic hydrocarbon, and even radioactive ones such as lead 210 and polonium 210 are the main suspects of poor reproducibility. Researchers are now studying the effects of vaping on whether or not it can be a safe substitute for smoking.

Vaping involves the use of electronic cigarettes, these devices convert nicotine into an inhalable vapor. Since e-cigarettes don’t have regulations compared to regular cigarettes, there is no way to know how much toxin is going into the body.

Harmful Emissions of Vaping

Studies show that e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes but still pose a dangerous health risk and cannot be considered a safe substitute. Researchers have analyzed both the liquid and the vapor from these e-cigarettes and it has been discovered that they produce dangerous amounts of irritants and carcinogens.

Vaping and Fertility

Researchers still lack the amount of data to confirm the exact full effect of vaping on an individual’s reproductive ability but the data so far suggests that vaping may lead to a compromised reproductive function, especially for men. Studies show that the sperm count has been affected by people who vape compared to the ones who stay away from the product.

Other Harmful Effects of Vaping

Traditional cigarettes have already been confirmed to cause several ailments such as cancer and lung problem but since vaping is still new, there are still several studies needed to be done. However, there are some effects of vaping that are already being discovered. Here are some of the other dangerous effects of Vaping:

  • Impacts on the developing brain – some kids are already vaping and this poses quite a health risk. It has been found out that vaping has some serious impacts on a child’s developing brain
  • Lung Injuries – Just like regular cigarettes, vaping will also cause some injuries to your lungs.
  • Heart Health – Vape juice contains low but still dangerous amounts of nicotine and is hardly regulated. Nicotine has been known to cause high blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries.

Other minor harmful effects of E-cigarettes:

  • Constant Coughing
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

These are just some of the dangerous health risks that vape carries, more dangers may arise upon further studies.


The misconception of vapes being harmless and even okay for kids is the greatest problem of all. Vape users even defend the product. They try to reason out with other people that it only contains vapor but little do they know, those vapors contain levels of nicotine that are dangerous to the health.

If you ever plan on having kids in the future, it would be best to stay away from smoking and vaping. These products won’t do you any good and would only bring problems to your reproductive ability. Not only will your reproductive function be at risk, but also your entire health.

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